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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Ilfracombe Harbour

Ilfracombe Harbour

The weather may have changed, but Ilfracombe was thronging with tourists, so there were no tables where we wanted to sit outside to eat - that was the case all week actually - so we got a sandwich to take away and sat on some piles of rope at the side of the harbour and watched the people walking or driving across the sand. They would drive to their boats and park up. One assumes they must know when the tide will come in, but you still feel like it's a gamble. Amusingly.

There was a wedding taking place at the church in the middle of town between the harbour and the promenade. Though I seriously doubt the couple will have noticed that their wedding had become a tourist attraction too! :) 

In the afternoon we played Crazy Golf, which is excellent value for the enormous number of hits you get at the ball when (like me) you're absolutely crap at it! 

We had wanted a Devon cream tea, but there were queues again.

In the evening there was karaoke at Maplins, I mean our holiday park and, had I felt well enough, it might have been fun. But, because of the huge cold sore I'd acquired the day before, I didn't dare 'infect' a microphone. 

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Saunton Sands

Saunton Sands

This was the best day of our week weather-wise and also the best excursion. After lunch at The Worx Braunton - highly recommend their food, service and lovely little courtyard at the back - we had a stroll along Saunton Sands

We'd tried Woolacombe Beach first, but all the car parks were rammed and the place was swarming with crowds. Now having seen Saunton, I'm glad it was.

There was filming at Saunton Sands while we were there - there are some tiny black dots in the far distance of the second image above that is the activity of the film set - with marshals at the entrance and exit to the beach, half the car park cordoned off and many vehicles coming and going. News reports suggest that this was for Aquaman 2. It was too far to walk to hope to spot anyone famous.

Paddling along the water's edge, in the breeze, was invigorating and, I didn't have the usual excruciating pain in my lower legs that night that I would normally have from a much shorter walk. And watching all the happy dogs enjoying themselves in the waves - and even throwing the stick for one - was also therapeutic. If I'd had the ability or the energy, I could have walked along there all day.

But just in case I was stupid enough to think I deserved these few minutes of pleasure, my punishment was a huge cold sore (yes, despite UV protection) that made eating and drinking difficult for the rest of the week; made sure I didn't do half of the things I might have done; made even the simplest of tasks like washing, or cleaning teeth difficult and made me feel even more fatigued and unwell. When I'm already suffering increased ME symptoms (not quite a crash) and / or stressed, this happens every time I go outside in sun / wind. Every. effin. time. 

Monday, 6 September 2021


A sea of clouds on the north Devon coast on the way back from Minehead

Unlike previous visits to Minehead the sun was missing and the sea was closed

Even sea mist has it's beauty and I hadn't seen a mar de nubes (sea of clouds) like that since I lived in Tenerife. But if Ilfracombe closes on SundaysMinehead has it's day off on Monday, we discovered. We had to play hunt the lunch, but eventually found an amazing Ploughman's at Café/Bar 21 and sat outside on their flower-filled terrace. It came with tasty bread, a veritable mountain of high quality ham and probably a whole bag of mixed salad each, as well as various pickles and some tiny, sweet, tomatoey things with pointy ends - no idea what they were [since discovered that they were most likely these Tomberry tomatoes], but they were lovely. At only £8.20, I don't know how they would make a profit. 

Another favourite café on the harbour, Echo Beach Cafe, is still only doing takeaway served outside, with a limited menu. Don't blame them and applaud their covid precautions, but it meant we were only able to get a scone with jam and cream to take out and not the afternoon tea experience we'd have liked. 

Trains weren't running from Minehead on the West Somerset Railway either. :(

Around 3:30, as the tide began to come in, the sun broke through and the mist began to clear, the tops of the Skyline Pavilion at Butlin's across the bay appeared, almost floating, as if they were the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Well, that's probably poetically stretching things a bit, but you get the idea! 

Sunday, 5 September 2021


View across the River Torridge towards Instow from Appledore

After the long day yesterday, we wanted a relatively restful one today. Had lunch sat outside in Combe Martin, then drove west to Appledore, hoping inland was less busy (it wasn't). We were only there for a few minutes and didn't walk far (I couldn't). Into Ilfracombe on the way back, but it seems to close Sundays.

Saturday, 4 September 2021


Verity on the pier at the entrance to the harbour in Ilfracombe, Devon

Hillsborough Hill, site of an Iron Age fortified settlement

Ilfracombe Promenade

Verity is not my taste, but I like what it's supposed to stand for, "modern allegory of truth and justice" (we don't see much of those nowadays) and, whatever you think, I'm pretty sure indifferent is not among the common reactions to it.

Anyway, we arrived in Ilfracombe, in not too bad condition, given the stress leading up to the journey. We got the cats to their luxury 'glamping' holiday accommodation; not without incident as one crapped moments after we pulled out of the drive (at least the journey there wasn't too long to survive in a car full of THAT STINK), the other then did a sympathy crap and then one of them puked shortly before we pulled into the lane to the cattery. Can hardly blame him, being stuck in a crate with his brother and all that sh*t! At least the cattery were understanding: just said the cats would soon clean themselves up. :)

We arrived as the Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival was in full swing. We had a look at the stalls and the town, but avoided hanging around the vicinity of the crowds for anything other than a fleeting moment. It's a conundrum: on the one hand it was nice to see the world being lively again. On the other, you can't help seriously worrying as they stood close in a crowd in front of the stage, that people seem to think the pandemic is over, when it's clearly worse this year than last. 

Ilfracombe though, from what I've seen, looks like a lovely place to explore.

It would have been nice to have had street food at the festival, but there really wasn't anywhere to sit and I can't stand, so we opted instead to get fish and chips and take it back to our concentration camp - oops, I mean holiday park - BIG MISTAKE. The batter was greasy and the fish was dry: altogether unpleasant and my finicky system DID NOT WANT and made me feel quite illQue será.