Chaos to Cosmos
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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Coffee to go

Coffee time as it gets delivered harbour-side

Every morning coffee was delivered by moped to the fishermen on the harbour.

We stayed at the Astron Hotel, which was lovely and a fantastic location right by the side of the harbour in Kos Town. Sitting on the patio for breakfast every morning was a delight and an entertainment as a bloke on a moped turned up to deliver coffees to the fishermen who sat, for hours and hours, by the harbourside. Well, I use the term fishermen loosely: they were sat near some fishing boats, but we never saw them go out on a boat, nor in the possession of any fish. Probably, like their counterparts in Spain, they're just there because their wives have thrown 'em out of the house while she gets on with cooking and chores. 

Later that day ... Don't those look good? At one of the restaurants by the sea.

Perfect end to the day, overlooking the sea.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Kos Town Harbour

Cat resting on a plane tree by the harbour side of Kos Town Castle

Watching the maritime traffic enter Kos Town Harbour

Damage on the harbour side from the 2017 Aegean Sea earthquake

More damage from the 2017 Aegean Sea earthquake

Tree of Hippocrates being ably guarded.

And back to Aegli Cafe, probably for afternoon tea or coffee and cake. This is called Ekmek kadayıfı, described as "an all-weather Greek dessert made with layers of kataifi dough baked until crispy and golden, bathed in lemon scented syrup, topped with creamy thick custard and whipped cream and garnished with cinnamon and pistachios …" and about as addictive as crack cocaine!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ancient Agora

Kos Ancient Agora

And the rear of the current day market

Lunch behind the market

Souvenirs in the old town. No, I didn't buy one, before you ask.