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Monday, 20 December 2021

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

Crowds at the big tree in the Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland

Last year, I'd wanted to at least see some Christmas lights, but it never happened. This year, I wasn't going to put up with being disappointed: I needed to feel some Christmas atmosphere and have some pleasure. So, knowing I'd get one chance, I decided to research the Christmas offerings in the area and decide which one would bring me the most Christmas spirit for the least energy expended. 

The things people with energy limiting conditions have to think of would boggle your mind if it doesn't affect you. Youtube, in this, is a life - or at least energy - saver, even as I watched Christmas lights and markets all over the world. 

Winchester Christmas Market didn't really have the appeal I was looking for and I wasn't convinced of the proximity of lights; Southampton always seems to make the annual Christmas Tat Sheds look like it's full of bored people, just queueing for junk food; I've got to admit that Gunwharf Quays Christmas Village in Portsmouth, which is new this year, would probably have been my first choice, but parking and access is always a problem - train would be perfect, but not during the plague - and thus, Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland came out favourite.

So yesterday, late afternoon, we drove over to Bournemouth. Plus point: we got a disabled parking space very close. Negative: am I imagining COVID, coz it doesn't look like anyone else has even got the memo! OK, a minority of people were wearing masks, even outdoors, but the majority are not and are bunching up with strangers in crowds like it's 2019. We could keep moving and some distance around the Christmas Market area, but when we tried to enter the Lower Gardens, there was quickly a bottleneck of people and I will admit that I turned around and ran out of there, coming this close -><- to having a full-blown panic attack.

However, we regained composure and followed the almost abandoned and empty roads and paths around the side of the gardens and dipped in from side entrances, stopping before getting near the crowds of sheeple crushed into the middle. 

Hence my photos are crap, because they were taken with zoom, on a phone, from a distance, but hey, I got out and saw something other than my one room!

Today, of course, EVERYTHING hurts and I have a sore throat, I'm sneezing and I feel like I'm coming down with flu - typical post-exertional malaise symptoms - as ever, the required "payback" after any outing. I'll be resting until Christmas.

Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland