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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Saunton Sands

Saunton Sands

This was the best day of our week weather-wise and also the best excursion. After lunch at The Worx Braunton - highly recommend their food, service and lovely little courtyard at the back - we had a stroll along Saunton Sands

We'd tried Woolacombe Beach first, but all the car parks were rammed and the place was swarming with crowds. Now having seen Saunton, I'm glad it was.

There was filming at Saunton Sands while we were there - there are some tiny black dots in the far distance of the second image above that is the activity of the film set - with marshals at the entrance and exit to the beach, half the car park cordoned off and many vehicles coming and going. News reports suggest that this was for Aquaman 2. It was too far to walk to hope to spot anyone famous.

Paddling along the water's edge, in the breeze, was invigorating and, I didn't have the usual excruciating pain in my lower legs that night that I would normally have from a much shorter walk. And watching all the happy dogs enjoying themselves in the waves - and even throwing the stick for one - was also therapeutic. If I'd had the ability or the energy, I could have walked along there all day.

But just in case I was stupid enough to think I deserved these few minutes of pleasure, my punishment was a huge cold sore (yes, despite UV protection) that made eating and drinking difficult for the rest of the week; made sure I didn't do half of the things I might have done; made even the simplest of tasks like washing, or cleaning teeth difficult and made me feel even more fatigued and unwell. When I'm already suffering increased ME symptoms (not quite a crash) and / or stressed, this happens every time I go outside in sun / wind. Every. effin. time. 

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