Chaos to Cosmos
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Monday, 6 September 2021


A sea of clouds on the north Devon coast on the way back from Minehead

Unlike previous visits to Minehead the sun was missing and the sea was closed

Even sea mist has it's beauty and I hadn't seen a mar de nubes (sea of clouds) like that since I lived in Tenerife. But if Ilfracombe closes on Sundays, Minehead has it's day off on Monday, we discovered. We had to play hunt the lunch, but eventually found an amazing Ploughman's at Café/Bar 21 and sat outside on their flower-filled terrace. It came with tasty bread, a veritable mountain of high quality ham and probably a whole bag of mixed salad each, as well as various pickles and some tiny, sweet, tomatoey things with pointy ends - no idea what they were [since discovered that they were most likely these Tomberry tomatoes], but they were lovely. At only £8.20, I don't know how they would make a profit. 

Another favourite café on the harbour, Echo Beach Cafe, is still only doing takeaway served outside, with a limited menu. Don't blame them and applaud their covid precautions, but it meant we were only able to get a scone with jam and cream to take out and not the afternoon tea experience we'd have liked. 

Trains weren't running from Minehead on the West Somerset Railway either. :(

Around 3:30, as the tide began to come in, the sun broke through and the mist began to clear, the tops of the Skyline Pavilion at Butlin's across the bay appeared, almost floating, as if they were the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Well, that's probably poetically stretching things a bit, but you get the idea!