Chaos to Cosmos
The path from chaos to cosmos was discovered by telling one's life story

Thursday, 9 September 2021


Moody skies over Lynmouth and I was glad we'd decided to drive down and park in Lynmouth rather than Lynton, (as we'd done last time we were there to have a ride on the cliff railway). The town was crowded, the car parks were very full and there were queues for everything. The queue for the cliff railway was far too much for me to have coped with, being unable to stand and queue anyway, was not socially distanced and wouldn't have been fun in the rain. Done that, so gave it a miss. Oh, we'd have like to have done it, so this was another disappointment and no matter how much I try to accept it and not want to moan about such a first world problem, the more I think, "but I'm entitled to have as much enjoyment as anyone else." Everywhere in Devon is always busy, but this year was busier than we've seen before, obviously as more people are having holidays in the UK. We waited until after the schools went back and think we therefore landed in 'wrinkly week'. :) We spotted one empty table outside The Ancient Mariner (can't miss the torpedo) and grabbed it, which was serendipitous when the sharing platter we ordered arrived with familiar delicacies, such as Iberian ham and Sobrassada