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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Ilfracombe Harbour

Ilfracombe Harbour

The weather may have changed, but Ilfracombe was thronging with tourists, so there were no tables where we wanted to sit outside to eat - that was the case all week actually - so we got a sandwich to take away and sat on some piles of rope at the side of the harbour and watched the people walking or driving across the sand. They would drive to their boats and park up. One assumes they must know when the tide will come in, but you still feel like it's a gamble. Amusingly.

There was a wedding taking place at the church in the middle of town between the harbour and the promenade. Though I seriously doubt the couple will have noticed that their wedding had become a tourist attraction too! :) 

In the afternoon we played Crazy Golf, which is excellent value for the enormous number of hits you get at the ball when (like me) you're absolutely crap at it! 

We had wanted a Devon cream tea, but there were queues again.

In the evening there was karaoke at Maplins, I mean our holiday park and, had I felt well enough, it might have been fun. But, because of the huge cold sore I'd acquired the day before, I didn't dare 'infect' a microphone.