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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Escape to Salisbury

Choristers Green, Salisbury, showing Mompesson House

Leaving the house is such an event these days. This was the first time - other than walks round the block and one other journey when I didn't even get out of the car - since March. But as 'him indoors' had an appointment in Salisbury on Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd go along for the ride and have a wander around while I waited, for less than an hour, carefully avoiding people entirely.

Of course, this is something that only works in Britain on days when the weather behaves. Saved so much money by not popping into shops 'just for a look' and even more in calories by resisting temptation on the basis that I didn't want to go in anywhere to purchase food or drink, especially on such a short outing.

The medieval Crane bridge over the River Avon

Beside the River Avon

When you find an empty park bench, nobody sits beside you these days. Bonus!

Salisbury Cathederal

The cathederal was closing by the time I got there anyway, not that I'd wanted to go in, but that meant less people around. There was art to look at outside too.

Celebrating 800 Years of Spirit and Endeavour Exhibition