Friday, 20 December 2019

The extent of bias in the British press

What we're not getting from British newspapers

The always excellent diamond geezer recently published data on Britain's Top 10 paid-for daily newspapers. The table analysing them by political affiliation was of particular interest to me. With the i newspaper having more recently been bought by the owner of the Daily Mail, one could argue that the figures need to be amended thus:

left of centreneutralright of centre
Daily Mirror
The Guardian
Daily Star
The Sun
Daily Mail
The Times
Daily Telegraph
Daily Express


They've said i will retain its editorial independence, but I rate that claim up there with a snowball's chance in hell, the cheque's in the post and similar chestnuts.

And whether it's 73% or 77% of British newspapers leaning to the right, is a bit academic, innit? It's still three-quarters of them. It's still a massively unbalanced viewpoint. People are not being informed, they are being indoctrinated.

Take the recent election: The data shows that partisanship of the UK press made the Conservative Party's task a great deal easier. And, as this analysis shows that "Neither the policies or Jeremy Corbyn himself was to blame."
What do we learn as our takeaway message from all this? That nearly all of the British media serve only to divide people [my emphasis] who would otherwise unite behind a Labour government which would have made the average citizen over £6,000 a year better off & would have protected public services like the NHS from being turned into yet more money making purely-for-profit private businesses. 
The job of the media is supposed to be to use INDEPENDENT journalists to hold EVERYONE equally to account, & present the provable facts to the public so we can make up our own minds; this they do not do, so we must CHANGE the way we get our information, STOP buying their papers, stop watching their TV news, fact check for ourselves from independent sources online (which is FREE), & thus hurt the corrupt right wing multi-billionaires where it hurts - in their wallets with a loss of sales & viewers! 
Save our democracy from media bias

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