Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Fully accepting your disability will make you stronger

Fully accepting your disability will make you stronger

Even though,
  • you may first have to peel back your psyche so that you can learn to trust yourself
  • you will still have challenges that many people will not understand
  • there will still be roadblocks
  • you will still imagine headbutting politicians
  • you will not suddenly get fully integrated and accepted into society
  • it will not stop doctors from f*cking up
  • there will still be many facets of life that are out of your control
  • it means identifying community
  • it means having a firmer sense of self and stronger reality
  • it means not beating yourself up when you need help
  • it means having permission from yourself to ask for the help you need to live in the best way that you can
  • it means finally seeing that you deserve to access support services
  • it means knowing that you deserve to find solutions that lay outside of the “norm”
  • it means using the tools that empower you
  • it means letting go of pushing yourself when it is bad for you
  • it means giving yourself space to let go of shame
  • it means giving yourself space to be honest with yourself and others
  • it means seeing the ways in which you are whole
  • it means identifying the places where you do have control
  • You are already fighting against so many things.

But if you stop warring against your own reality, whether other people share that reality with you or not, then that is one place you can find peace.

Acceptance does not mean giving up. It just means recognising the reality of where you are now, so that you can gather yourself up in order to figure out where you will go.

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Image by Patrick Neufelder from Pixabay

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