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Monday, 3 September 2018

Taverna Fantasia

Greek night at Taverna Fantasia in Zia

The Greek night at Taverna Fantasia in Zia is stereotypical and cheesy, but this night out was fantastic fun and well-organised, with a lovely atmosphere, not to mention the unlimited supply of wine and very good food for mass catering. We booked the trip, which includes transfer from your hotel by coach and a stop in Zia village to look at the views - at sunset - on the way, via Kosinfo

(Sadly, when we went back in 2018, the weather wasn't playing nicely on the night we'd booked, so the meal and entertainment was provided in a large indoor venue instead. Unfortunately, we were about as far as you could get away from the stage as you could get and behind a pilar, so couldn't see much. Or fortunately, if the quality this time is taken into consideration - it was crappy cabaret rather than genuine Greek. Add to this that we ended up as the only two English speakers on a table of East Germans who were constantly stealing extra food and drink, greedily hogging the shared plates on the table and taking the piss thinking we would not understand German. Actually, I do! Not a particularly nice evening out experience. Not much that can be controlled either, just that 'your mileage may vary.')