Monday, 27 August 2018

Ten Things We Loved About Kos: 3. Aegli Cafe

Aegli cafe (left) on Eleftherias Square
Aegli cafe right on the main Eleftherias Square in Kos Town, is run as a women’s co-operative supporting low-income women, where you will find Greek mums doing amazing Greek home cooking, with a menu including dishes and salads that you won’t find on the menu everywhere else, along with delicious home made deserts and cakes (and probably the best Galaktoboureko I've ever tasted). We love them for the food and the welcome, as well as the business ethics. Highly recommended any time, but especially for lunch or for late night desert, coffee and people-watching.

Simple, but extraordinary salad at Aegli cafe
NB: We'll have to work our way through the entire menu of deserts all over again (it's a hardship, what we'll do to provide a full and accurate review ... eh?) as we singularly failed to get a photo of any of them. They were just too irresistible!

The Forou Gate HAns [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

The bougainvillea-covered Forou Gate is on the opposite side of Eleftherios Square to the Aegli Cafe. Walk through the gate at night and you will arrive in the area known as Bar Street (actually, at least two streets) to find Clubs, Bars & Nightlife.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Ten Things We Loved About Kos: 4. Agkyra Fish Restaurant

Agkyra Fish Restaurant
There are fish restaurants in this area of Kos Town that describe themselves as the best, but this one really is. The food, wine and service at Agkyra Fish Restaurant are all excellent, the welcome genuine and if you want that Shirley Valentine moment sitting at a table right at the water’s edge – this is the place to find it perfectly. Oh, and they respond to comments on Facebook too – real people. Love them!

The Agkyra take on paella

Something on a stick at Agkyra

Monday, 13 August 2018

Ten Things We Loved About Kos: 5. Casa Romana

Courtyard in the Casa Romana
The Roman House or Casa Romana is a Roman villa of the late 2nd and early 3rd Century AD, built in the ruins of a Hellenistic house with a wonderful sewage system (exciting, eh?) located in Kos Town. It consists of 36 rooms and 3 outdoor spaces.

Open to the general public from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

This is a fantastic example of how to do restorations really, really well.

You get the feeling as you walk round that you could almost move in and live there - or at least imagine how people will have lived there - and, despite being right on a busy street in Kos Town (to be fair, the builders probably didn't anticipate the growth in traffic over 2000+ years), it is a genuine (non-cliché) oasis of quiet and calm.

Must See in Kos: Casa Romana

Courtyard in the Casa Romana

Courtyard in the Casa Romana

Courtyard in the Casa Romana

Mosaic in the Casa Romana

Monday, 6 August 2018

Ten Things We Loved About Kos: 6. Agora (Market)

Kos Town Market on Eleftherios Square

Stuffed with souvenirs, the Kos Town Market (Municipal Market of Kos or Agora) on Eleftherios Square, is also the Farmers' Market. It has a huge selection of local produce (loukoumi and baklava, etc., that make great gifts and delicacies to take home for Christmas) as well as honey, herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits with some of the biggest, juiciest peaches I’ve seen anywhere (perfect for breakfast).