Sunday, 27 May 2018

The New Look Revolution

It's not just about the railway. There were other things going on at the time we have chosen to set Porthkeres in 1947 and one of them was Dior's famous "New Look".

You don't need a diploma in vintage fashion to know that in 1947 Christian Dior launched his "New Look", the ultra-feminine antidote to wartime austerity, which revolutionised the way women dressed. In defiance of cloth rationing (which was still in effect in Britain until 1951) ladies adopted mid-calf length, full skirts. Slim pencil skirts were also popular. The waist was nipped in for an exaggerated hourglass figure. Reacting against the masculine, square-shouldered styles of the war years, the fashionable silhouette gained slightly sloping shoulders; dolman, Raglan, cap and smoothly set-in sleeve styles dominated.

The New Look Revolution

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