Wednesday, 28 February 2018

DWP Aim To Nobble Enhanced PIP And ESA Support Awards

In this newsletter we ask whether you were intimidated into giving a PIP or ESA assessor good feedback.

We discover that presenting officers for the DWP are being used to prevent awards of enhanced PIP and ESA support group.

We learn that disabled claimants forced onto JSA are much more likely to be sanctioned than claimants who are not disabled.

We also reveal that the DWP have broken pretty much all the promises they made to an influential government committee about sanctions. This includes a promise to introduce a system of issuing a warning instead of a sanction for a first ‘offence’.

And we learn that another influential government committee can’t believe that the DWP still haven’t introduced audio recording of all PIP and ESA assessments.

28 February 2018 Update: DWP Aim To Nobble Enhanced PIP And ESA Support Awards Plus Were You Intimidated Into Giving Good PIP Or ESA Feedback? 

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