Monday, 7 March 2016

Half Timbered House

Constructed from the Bilteezi D4 Half Timbered House card kit, this was built first so we could get accurate measurements. It's still to be decided if and where it will be situated.

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David Murray said...

I've used the Bilteezi building sheets in 4mm scale since discovering them at Marcway Models and Hobbies, Attercliffe Common, Sheffield in 1988. I'm very grateful to the proprietor, Marc Weaver for putting them in front of me when I looked at a ready-made one, reposing behind the sales counter. Over the years I've made countless ones and now all the non-railway buildings on my GWR branch line, Milton St. John & Stoke Priors are Bilteezi. They were first shown at the Model Engineers Exhibition in 1948. Subsequently, they were retailed by Hamblings in London. Nowadays, the chap to go to is Jerry Freestone at Freestone Model Accessories, Witney, Oxfordshire. I recall Marc Weaver telling me that they were drawn from real buildings by Mr Vacy-Ash. The black and white buildings are my favourite. Mr Vacy-Ash was very clever: he made some of the buildings convertible, several slightly different buildings can be made from just one sheet. So, on my village, the Stone Hotel or Village Inn has made a grand hotel, the Rectory beside the Church and a short row of stone houses and a village pub. The bungalows can be made differently too. The red brick detached house or pair of 1930s semis can be cut down to form yet another bungalow. So, "A British invention sold around the world" and after 71 years, still going strong. I have a board I use, sitting in the armchair by the fire of my old stone cottage on a winters night listening to the wireless. Who needs a television set with a licence costing £155? Not me!