Saturday, 12 March 2016

Final Track Plans for Porthkeres

Finally, after many, many years and almost as many tweaks, these are the final track plans for the Porthkeres layout. Each of these sections (shown below) will fit onto a 3ft (90cm) x 2ft (60cm) board, designed so that they'll be transportable and thus, hopefully, exhibitable.

L-R: West end of the layout which will model Porthkeres port and station.

L-R: Porthkeres village and farm areas leading onto moorland.

The fiddle yard at the top of section two will be hiding under a hill, where we've already made provision for the layout to be expanded in future onto another 4ft (120cm) x 2ft (60cm) board, which will model the small goods yard at the (equally fictitious) town of St. Elys.

L-R: Moorland giving way to the station and goods yard at St. Elys.

For now, we're concentrating on developing the first two boards, which will combine into a layout measuring a total of 6ft (180cm) by 2ft (60cm). The track plans were drawn using AnyRail, but as we're using a mixture of not-so-common building kits and scratch-built items for the scenery, the rest of the design has been drawn (scribbled) by hand, which means for the moment at least, please use your imagination for the rest of the detail.

Making the final tweaks to the track layout.

Track laid out loosely, now construction can begin.

Having finalised the plans, track has been acquired and keeping it very, very simple, we're using PECO Settrack (No. 1 Radius). We'll be using a standard controller and isolating sections of track (as per the different coloured sections on the plans). There really didn't seem to be enough of it to merit any modern bells and whistles (not to mention another learning curve.)

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