Tuesday, 17 November 2015

‘Shocking’ report exposes failings in ME social care

"A tiny proportion of disabled people with the neurological condition ME are receiving the social care they could be entitled to, according to a “shocking” new report from a charity. Action for ME surveyed 850 people with ME* (myalgic encephalomyelitis), and found 97 per cent of them could be entitled to state-funded care and support, but only six per cent had been given a care package by their local authority, while only 16 per cent had been given an assessment of their needs. The report, Close to Collapse, will form the basis for a formal inquiry led by the charity and supported by the all party parliamentary group on ME, which will examine the challenges faced by people with ME and chronic fatigue syndrome in accessing support. The report also found failings in provision of advocacy support for people with ME, with nearly four in five of those who responded to the survey not having access to an advocate. Action for ME is now seeking funding to establish a national advocacy service."

‘Shocking’ report exposes failings in ME social care

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