Monday, 19 October 2015

Christchurch Model Railway Club 2015 Exhibition

Here's one shot of the beautifully detailed East Ilsley, which we saw yesterday at the Christchurch Model Railway Club 2015 Exhibition (more images) at Bournemouth School for Girls.

Our takeaway from this exhibition - I do try to learn something each time - involved coal houses and access to them. It's certainly true that when modelling an older period - well anything up to the 1960's and 70's - one might remember that most rural homes, as well as the vast number of Victorian/Edwardian terraces will have an outside khazi

We were reminded yesterday that these dwellings would also have needed coal and will have had a coal house, most likely out back somewhere, with access for deliveries that wasn't through the house. The lady of the house, being houseproud, would have spent ages scrubbing the front step, so she certainly would not have allowed coal to be traipsed in through the front!

From a practical point of view, this reminder will prompt us make space for all the back alleys and pathways, which will more realistically portray the fictional settings at Porthkeres.

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