Monday, 17 August 2015

Melatonin Helps Fibromyalgia Pain: A Double-Blind Study

Melatonin is popularly used as a sleeping pill—although it likely helps only a small proportion of patients. But, surprise! Several double blind studies suggest that Melatonin might also help in combating Fibromyalgia pain. One study found that Melatonin improved pain due to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).(1) Another showed benefit for pain caused by endometriosis.(2) Now, a double-blind study from Brazil suggests that high dose Melatonin taken regularly for six weeks probably reduces fibromyalgia pain.(3)

This optimistic conclusion is tentative, since there was no true placebo group in this study. Rather, Melatonin was as or possibly more effective than Elavil (amitryptiline), a medicine which has long been used to treat fibromyalgia. Take-Home Lesson: despite, the lack of placebo, Melatonin’s relative safety suggests that physicians might consider a trial of Melatonin for their fibromyalgia patients.

Melatonin Helps Fibromyalgia Pain: A Double-Blind Study

ED: The fact that you can't buy melatonin in the UK is probably proof enough that it's a good as a prescription medication, particularly considering how the NHS do seem to really like pushing amitryptiline, which from my own experience only makes fibromyalgia worse once you factor in the huge decrease in function that comes in inverse proportion to the huge increase in weight it causes.

Conversely, I am one of the small proportion who melatonin does help with sleep, not only getting to sleep, but also staying asleep. And better sleep in itself helps reduce overall symptoms.

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