Monday, 13 July 2015

Separating the species

Baloo meet Balu
Once in a while there's a dog who takes just a bit too much interest in the cat and in not quite the best way.

It's never their fault. Bless em.

(I think you can see how unconcerned Balu the cat is, despite Baloo the dog's constant attention.)

So, for occasions like these, for first introductions and in case your dog has never encountered a cat before, or you're not sure how s/he will react, we have the means to separate the species.

The kiddy (or is that kitty?) gate is the "lite" version. We can completely isolate them to separate areas of the house if needed. There are also distinct areas of the garden, separated by a fence and gate, so everyone gets their own areas to play in comfort and safety.

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