Thursday, 30 July 2015

Porthkeres first planning review

 About a year ago now - I knew this would be a very slow process, as [shockingly!] "life" tends to come before model railways - we had our first planning session for the Porthkeres layout, loosely testing out the rough plans, track positions, locations of buildings and other features, etc. 

Whilst I've had a picture in my mind for years (since having a 00 train-set as kid), of what my ideal model railway layout would be like, this is the first time it has taken any physical shape. And yes, it was quite exciting in that way only a dedicated model train enthusiast can understand!

Since then, we've tweaked the plans a little and the eventual layout - to be built in phases - has doubled in length, but it remains the same small fishing port and agricultural community, served by a branch line that I've seen in my mind's eye. You probably can't see it yet from these images!

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