Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Our latest guest this last weekend was Daisy, a 6 year old Sprocker (a Cocker / Springer mix) with Amazingly Animated Ear FlappageTM - to probably borrow a Rule of Cuteness from Cute Overload! (Daisy was actually jumping up and down barking at me to "put that b%**$ camera down and throw the ball already.")

Every dog is a pleasure to have around for different reasons and amongst hers was that Daisy was true to the blurb about this breed being good with cats. I've never known Sr. Balu be so relaxed around a dog other than with his adoptive mum - and on a one day acquaintance too - as he calmly went about his usual business strolling around the house and garden.

UPDATE 31th July: Natch, having said this probably borrowed a Rule of Cuteness from Cute Overload, however not really having a crystal ball (least not one that works), I'd got the wrong rule. See Rule Of Cuteness #58 - Flyin' With One Flap Up.

As if I need to prove the point, here's that cute action again:

 Yay, now we can say AS SEEN ON CUTE OVERLOAD!

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