Thursday, 16 July 2015

Budget News, ESA Death Statistics And DLA In Hospital

The budget was definitely bad news for sick and disabled claimants, but not as bad as many had feared. At least we were spared the taxing of disability benefits or forcing every claimant to pay the first 10% of their housing benefit.

But it was bad enough.

The four year freeze on working age benefits will leave many people struggling to survive. The decision to change support for mortgage interest payments from a benefit to a loan, with many of the details left unclear, is causing huge concern.

And the ending of the work-related activity component for new ESA claimants will not only hit people becoming sick or disabled in the future. It may also mean many current ESA claimants will be too terrified to try out paid employment, for fear they will not be able to return to ESA at the same rate if their attempt fails.

Watching the Labour party descend into chaotic infighting, as leadership hopefuls row over whether to support the budget or not, is also proving to be a deeply dispiriting spectacle for many of our members.

15 July 2015 newsletter

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