Sunday, 5 July 2015

At Home Dog Boarding The Human Team

Just so you can see who we are, this is my husband, Richard and myself, Pamela. We've both been dog owners in the past, but choose not to be full-time ones at present.

We've come across the very problem you currently have though: deciding what to do with pooch while you go on holiday and we couldn't ever have placed a dog in kennels. When we had a dog, we were lucky with being able to get family members to help out, but you can soon outstay your welcome even with the most loving of relatives if you need to go away several times a year.

We do enjoy having doggy company though and, having looked after dogs for family members and friends, we decided we should become licenced and offer the service more widely.

As I'm at home almost all of the time anyway, I mostly take care of the dogs and the business administration. Richard's responsibilities include longer walks and maintenance issues.

The dogs themselves usually decide who gets the most cuddles!

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