Monday, 22 June 2015

Novel Immune Booster and Antiviral Agent Uncovered

Natural killer cells appear to be the ground zero for the immune dysfunction found in chronic fatigue syndrome.  These cells are, as their name implies, killers.  They’re called “natural” killer cells because in contrast to cytotoxic T-cells which need to be activated to fight infections, NK cells are always “on”; they’re always prowling the bloodstream for damaged or infected cells. Apparently, when you constitute the first line of immune defense in the human body, you don’t take time off.

Unfortunately, in ME/CFS NK cells bark is worse than their bite. Studies have consistently shown that the NK cells in many ME/CFS patients appear to be lethargic and burnt out. They simply don’t kill as many infected cells as healthy natural killer cells do.

Novel Immune Booster and Antiviral Agent Uncovered

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