Sunday, 21 June 2015

Get Over Lightheadedness by Tensing Up Your Leg Muscles

A bout of lightheadedness can come from all sorts of things. To help prevent yourself from passing out, Dr. Steven Lamm suggests tensing up your leg muscles.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Lamm points out that oftentimes getting queasy is a physiological response to fear where the blood vessels dilate, blood pressure drops, and blood drains to your legs. So, you need to get it moving again:

If only! Clearly, this doctor's advice is primarily related to another problem entirely, however, I have seen this advice given - by medical professionals - for dealing with orthostatic intolerance (which most of us with ME experience) and my reaction is, as ever, trust your own body.

One of the worst symptoms with ME/CFS can be the lightheadedness that comes along with orthostatic intolerance. Everyone is different, but for me, often just 15 seconds on my feet will bring on that lightheadedness and along with it overwealming nausea, almost greying out and loss of congnitive function (I won't be able to remember words) with an urgent need to lie back down again to make the symptoms abate. Preferrably with legs raised.

If I don't employ this avoidance tactic and fast, I'll be very unwell, in bed, for several days at a minimum.

When I've been on my feet too long, I can certainly feel that blood has drained to my legs, because they will go red, they will start to tingle then I feel a painful drawing down sensation in my shins and then later they will throb in pain (sufficient to disturb sleep), however, whilst I agree that getting moving can certainly help (I can stay on my feet longer if I'm moving already), that may be impossible once the lightheadedness begins and I don't think tensing leg muscles is likely to be of help to someone with ME/CFS/FMS. I'm sure it wouldn't help me.

On the one hand, judging by how I feel on thse occasions, I probably wouldn't have the muscle strength in my legs or energy in general to be able to tense my muscles to a degree that would be effective once the symptoms had initiated. However, if I were to try, the result would more likely cause a muscle spasm that would then incapacitate for much longer than the original lightheadedness.

Get Over Lightheadedness by Tensing Up Your Leg Muscles

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