Wednesday, 13 May 2015

7 Reasons to demonstrate on Saturday 20 June

1) The government plans £12 billion in welfare cuts targeting the poorest in society.

2) The new Tory disabilities minister opposed protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients.

3) Michael Gove has been appointed justice secretary. In 1999, when he worked for the Times, he called for hanging to be brought back as a punishment. He's also attempting to scrap the Human Rights Act.

4) Cameron is announcing new plans to target 'extremists' giving the government powers to target anyone they think is undermining 'democracy'. This policy will be used to attack the Muslim community, and how long will it be before anti-austerity protesters get targeted too?

5) The new equalities secretary voted against gay marriage.

6) The new business secretary wants to make it harder for trade unions to take strike action.

7) The government plans to end social housing as we know it.

End Austerity Now National Demonstration

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