Sunday, 5 April 2015

Simmaron Spinal Fluid Study Finds More “Immune Exhaustion” in ME/CFS

  1.  The fact that the alterations in the immune factors in the ME/CFS were almost as extreme as in multiple sclerosis – a disorder characterized by severe central nervous system dysfunction –  suggests a major pathology is present in the central nervous systems of ME/CFS patients.
  2. The low cytokine levels suggests that some sort of immune exhaustion –  caused by an infection or by immune upregulation – is present in ME/CFS.  These findings parallel those of the recent Hornig/Lipkin study suggesting that  immune up regulation early in the disorder may lead to immune burnout later on.
  3. Several of the immune factors in the ME/CFS patients spinal fluid suggest an allergic type of reaction may be occurring in their CNS. That is also found in some central nervous system infections – so an infection could be driving this process.
  4. The immune factor most identified with the ME/CFS patients has been associated with cognitive declines, aging and reduced neuron production.

Simmaron Spinal Fluid Study Finds More "Immune Exhaustion" in ME/CFS

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Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady said...

So why oh why is medical cannabis only available *officially* in many countries for MS and not other conditions too where it can obviously be helpful? Here in Spain, a new drug called Sativa, a chemically manufactured cannabinoid, has been approved to treat MS, but not fibromyalgia, for example. I guess they need to do more studies first. But in the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people continue to suffer with this shit.


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