Saturday, 24 January 2015

This Homeless Man Fell Down And EVERYONE Ignored Him. Until Finally…

Appearance certainly does have a very strong bearing on how one is treated and I think anything that singles one out as different from what society thinks of as "normal" in that particular locality will negatively impact on the treatment you recieve from it.
It is always downright wrong, but it probably has a lot to do with empathy and maybe it's logical that it's easier to empathise with people who we percieve as being similar to ourselves and thus part of our own group. Hence the homeless man in this video helped the "homeless" faller.
We see this being played out in the city of New York and are probably not shocked about the location. What you probably won't have thought is that I have personally experienced this very phenomena right here in a "nice middle-class white neighbourhood" of the south of England.
Dressing "a bit goth", not being and old person ("normal" for here), being (at the time) relatively poor, may all have had an effect on how I was percieved and thus how I was treated. On more than one ocassion, when I fell, stumbled and virtually crawled along the pavement utterly exhausted - I might add I was using a stick and walking home from a doctor's appointment - people didn't help. They walked around me, they gave me a wide berth and looked at me disapprovingly, probably believing that I was drunk. I was too ill to verbalise a cry for help. I was focussed on staying safe and getting home, because I certainly didn't feel safe. And it definately made me feel less than human.
The one time I did get help, compassion, hugs, a listening ear - on this ocassion I'd had a mental breakdown under severe stress - it was a homeless girl who stopped to help me, talk to me and get me to the doctor.
There is nowhere in the universe where this situation is acceptable.
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Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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