Wednesday, 17 December 2014

ESA New Form, Long Waits And Dirty Tricks Plus PIP Stats Latest

Today sees the release of the latest personal independence payment (PIP) statistics, giving details of how many claimants are still waiting and how many new claimants and DLA transfer claimants are getting an award.

Today also brings the first mandatory reconsideration statistics. These suggest that DWP dirty tricks have managed to cut the number of employment and support allowance (ESA) challenges by more than half. And they still won’t tell us how many of those challenges are successful.

We explain how to beat the dirty tricks, whether your mandatory reconsideration – the new first step in the appeals process – is for ESA, PIP or another benefit.

The DWP have also announced that a new ESA50 questionnaire is due out early next year which will place more onus on claimants to provide supporting evidence.

Meanwhile, it will come as no surprise to readers to discover that IDS continues to twist statistics, mangle facts and bluster his way out of every hole he finds himself in.

17 December 2014 newsletter

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