Wednesday, 11 June 2014

From the Benefits and Work Newsletter 4 June 2014

PIP is in a mess. We all know it and only the DWP try to deny it.
​ But the surest signs that panic is beginning to set in is the fact that Capita have now more than doubled the pay they are offering to assessors in their attempt to get on top of the backlog. Capita health professionals now have a 'new incentive scheme' which means they can earn up to £900 a day. Not bad for physiotherapists more accustomed to earning £40 an hour."

The other obvious (though maybe not to some) point is that by paying assessors up to £900 a day the DWP and the goverment are literally SCREAMING out that this is a purely idealogical policy. With those rates it cannot, surely, still be argued (by anyone sane) that the cuts and changes to benefits are to save money, or that there isn't money to pay these benefits.

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