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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Workhouse, Cork

Entrance block to what was the Workhouse in Cork

Madden’s Buildings in Blackpool, Cork

Madden's Buildings, Co. Cork

We were given to understand that a couple of my great-aunts may have ended up in the workhouse in Cork, but after a whole day squinting at microfiche records at the Cork Records Office in Blackpool, Cork, we drew a blank. As the reason they were supposedly sent there was because they'd, allegedly, committed the deadly sin of begetting children outside of marriage, I'm now fearing worse that they ended up somewhere like Magdalene Laundries. Currently they're dead ends. 

My great-uncle died, from TB, in the Workhouse Infirmary in Cork in 1926.

My 2nd great-grandmother may have died in a similar house to those shown. We saw one of these listed for sale. It was described by the estate agent as having a "two piece bathroom": i.e. a toilet and basin (out back) with no bath, nor shower. No doubt even that was a huge improvement from when they were new!