Monday, 5 May 2014

Surviving Life On Benefits

Benefits and Work had well over 500 replies to their question about what advice you would give to people new to claiming benefits.

They cover issues as varied as where to shop, how to cook, what
websites to use, where to get advice, how to cope with neighbours and
the media’s hate campaign.

And the picture your suggestions paint is a very different one from
the ugly distortions of the tabloids. Not a single mention of food
banks. No suggestions about ways to afford flat screen TVs or cigarettes
or alcohol.

Instead, your tips have an almost wartime spirit of defiance – a
mixture of dig for victory and make-do and mend. Shining through them is
a determination to survive without bitterness and without being ground
down by adversity.

Above all, they demonstrate the reality of life on benefits that
politicians, bankers and the media are desperate to keep hidden in order
to make claimants the scapegoats for their own failings.

Surviving Life On Benefit

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