Monday, 14 April 2014

Join the Vote

In order to be able to vote you need to be registered on the
electoral roll.
It’s simple to do, yet lots of people aren’t registered.
In the UK 6.5 million people who could vote aren’t registered, and for
some groups, such as young people, over 50% aren't registered.

Join the Vote is a week of party-neutral voter registration efforts
being organised by 38 Degrees and Bite the Ballot, along with the
support of many other organisations.

On 26th April, volunteers across the country will take to the streets and pop a registration form through the letterboxes of their neighbours.

The deadline to sign up to volunteer is 17th April. You will be put in touch with other volunteers in your area and you’ll be able to choose the streets you want to cover. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent a pack that contains everything you need - registration forms, letters explaining what Join the Vote is, and a guide that will make it really easy to talk to your neighbours about voting in this European Election.

You can also sign up to lead your local team and help coordinate volunteers near you. [1]

Join the Vote

[1] For instance, I've signed up to coordinate BH25 postcode area

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