Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Detectives hunt hit and run mobility scooter driver

Not for us feral teenagers, here in New Milton we get ferocious pensioners:
It is the second time in recent months that a mobility scooter has injured a pedestrian in Hampshire.

Susan Daniels was left with a fractured knee and a ruptured tendon in her left arm after an 88-year-old man crashed into her in Station Road, New Milton.

The 69-year-old now finds it difficult to get around due to her injuries, and she called for the law to be changed to stop people buying scooters without tax or insurance.

The headline is almost comical, but all joking aside, it certainly would be beneficial to impose some sort of proficiency test with these things. An attitude test might be better!

Navigating Station Road in New Milton is like undergoing some sort of military training in trying to avoid the onslaught of oldies, either those on mobility scooters, or the hoards who use the shopping trolley walkers like snow ploughs to barge their way wherever they wish.

Both examples of this species suffer from the same delusion: that they have some RIGHT beyond that of all other mere mortals to traverse the pavements around town and, because they are old and infirm, that includes the right not to have to deviate nor give way to anyone else under any circumstances.

If you should happen to come face to face with one, they will glare menacingly, while ploughing directly on. If you don't quickly move out of their way, they seem to consider you "fair game." And if, like me, you are mobility imparied also, but haven't yet joined the ranks of these mobility tank drivers, then heaven help you if you can't move out of their way fast enough!

Detectives hunt hit and run mobility scooter driver (From Daily Echo)

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