Monday, 28 April 2014

Breast cancer mammograms: overrated, overhyped and over-diagnosing women

It is time to radically re-think the flawed philosophy behind the 'early detection' tenet of the breast cancer awareness movement.

They go against the Hippocratic Oath (they do harm)!

At last somebody else is saying it. It's why I've been refusing mammograms (and certainly NOT supporting pink-ribbon "awareness" campaigns) for years; that and the pain of them (real fucking awful unbearable pain when you have fibromyalgia) and having been falsely diagnosed myself with breast cancer back in the late 90's. With all the accompanying stress that brought!
"In calculating the role of population-based screening, the absence of benefit is only compounded by evidence of harm: 21.9% of breast cancers found through mammography screening represented over-diagnosis, according to the Swiss Medical Board. This means that one in five women who was told she had breast cancer after mammography screening received unnecessary treatment."
It's lucky I was sceptical and rejected the (barbaric) treatment offered me, or the end of this tale might have been very different indeed.

Breast cancer mammograms: overrated – and over-diagnosing women

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