Thursday, 27 March 2014

Atos declared not fit for work

One of the non-existent threats against ATOS
Hummmm ... far be for me to be cynical (she says sarcastically), but I just don't feel like jumping up and down for joy over the "sacking" of ATOS. Yes, we know they were a load of Atossers and anyone who has gone through any of their unfair and terrorising assessments (myself included) will be overjoyed to see the back of them.

I'll even concede that it would be bloody hard to find anyone worse, but what if the DWP have found someone or something worse?

It could be one of the other, mostly corrupt, rogues listed by DavidG in #Atos Axed, But Will Their Replacement be Any Better?

But I wonder if there's a clue in this quote from the BBC article "Fit-to-work tests: Atos quits contract":

 "We will be transferring our infrastructure and employees to ensure consistency of service to those going through the process."
Remember a couple of weeks or so ago when ATOS tried to distance themselves from their own toxic brand? ATOS denies being ATOS (not satire!)

As an example of how toxic the name ATOS has become even to itself – ATOS recently changed its name in the UK to OH Assist as an attempt to distance itself from the scandal.
See The Atos name is toxic – Atos spins off OH Assist

Now who would you transfer infrastructure and employees to if not a newly created company that was really you, but with a different name? Put it another way, you probably wouldn't transfer your infrastructure and employees to a totally unconnected company, now would you?

Is IDS stupid enough to think we're stupid enough to fall for this? I reckon so and I'm not the first:

"Is this an attempt to bamboozle stupid old ESA and PIP claimants into
thinking a new company is taking over where Atos left off, when in fact
it is the same old mob, still raking in the profits from that lucrative,
£100 million-per-year government contract?", Asks Mike Sivier at Vox Political
Keep an eye out for the name(s) of the new contractors to see if OH Assist is amongst them. If so, the news is very, very bad. If it's one of the other known entities, it could be even worse.

And, as DavidG points out after asking, "So what does all this mean for those of us who have to live with the damage WCAs do?", "The first thing to note is that they're only changing the monkey, not the organ-grinder." There has been no attempt to change the fundamentally flawed WCA.

Not to mention that Atos quits ESA assessments but will continue to c*** up PIP

Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

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