Thursday, 13 February 2014

The problem with bigots is....

The problem with lung disease is, you kind of have to breathe. At least a bit regularly.

And the problem with heart failure is hearts can't really fail. They're just not optional.

The problem with bowel disease is you have to eat. Quite a lot. I've tried stopping, it doesn't really work. And food is incredibly yummy. And it nurtures our souls more than our taste buds let on.

With kidney failure, hours dedicated to satisfying the great dialysis beast allows you to process liquids, which is fairly non-negotiable by anyone's standards.

And the problem with cancer is it doesn't give the tiniest shit which one of us it invades or where.

 But the trouble with bigots is, they ignore all of that. They can only see one problem.

"Why is that bloke down the street getting something I'm not? And why should I pay for it??"
Reposted from: Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: The problem with bigots is....

So. Bloody. Well. Said. 

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