Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Disabled being victimised and bullied to the point of death


Atos is making profit out of peoples misery with its work capability assessments. Across the UK, people with genuine disabilities that greatly affect their lives and the lives of their families are being victimised and bullied to the point of death.

These work capability tests are not about helping the vulnerable, but about cutting corners and taking away money from the most helpless in our society. People have already died as a result of the heartless reforms put in place by the government, and ministers who voted in favour of the welfare reform act have blood on their hands.

We want the WCA examined independently with input from disability rights groups to give disabled people a voice.

The WCA or it’s replacement to be administered by NHS doctors, ideally the claimants GP, not private contractors.

Via: ATOS Miracles





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