Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Benefits and Work: January 29th 2014 Newsletter

In this edition we warn you that Channel 5 are on the hunt for fresh victims to parade before the public in a new benefits show.

The show’s casting director’s previous roles include keeping “difficult contributors onboard” on Jeremy Kyle and on People Like Us, the infamous fly-on-the wall documentary which trashed a Manchester community.

He also claims to have “gained access to schools, colleges and charities, for both filming and casting purposes” for a show about young people at risk of getting STDs. Classy stuff, which claimants might want to be aware of before signing up.

Not all claimants are taking cover in the face of the continuing media and political hate-campaign, however. We have news of a national day of action against Atos next month which is gathering momentum rapidly. See Atos National Demonstrations below for more about events in a town near you.

And Iain Duncan Smith isn’t getting things all his own way where the work capability assessment is concerned either. The latest results show that a higher percentage of claimants than ever are being awarded employment and support allowance and a bigger proportion are being put into the support group.

January 29th 2014 Newsletter

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