Thursday, 2 January 2014

Be moral, pay your workers more, says CBI. Fat chance!

... there must be some other reason why the employing elite are now feeling a sudden pricking of conscience, and there certainly is. With business investment still badly depressed at 24% below its pre-crash level, exports still falling, and all the monetarist devices to boost the economy in full play but not working except the wrong ones (artificially stimulating the housing market and encouraging consumer borrowing already at 160% of GDP), there is nothing for it – take a deep breath – but to raise wages and thus also raise productivity which is still falling. So are employers going to do this in 2014? You must be joking.

Be moral, pay your workers more, says CBI. Fat chance! | Left Futures
Pamela is a former accountant, recovering journalist and international cat herder, disabled and chronically sick with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and Cervical spondylosis, fluent in three languages; English, Spanish and Rubbish. Mostly writes in the latter. She likes Genealogy, Model Railways and Cats.

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