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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Christmas lights on trees in a cold and wet Swansea

From the 6-8 Dec 2013, we visited Swansea, primarily because family history has it that one of my ancestors, Thomas Jones, came from the city, which indeed he claims on the 1851 Census. It may well be true, but the chances of proving it with almost no clues and a name that common in Wales, is probably lower than finding rocking horse poo and hens teeth on the same day as a tory telling a truth! 

We visited the lovely Swansea Market, found a nice Italian restaurant, watched the girlies tottering from bar to bar in Wind Street in ridiculous heels and very short skirts that they had to keep pulling down to [often unsuccessfully] cover their bums and discovered the Cherry Stag coctail at TGI Fridays. Sadly no longer on the menu, it's a good job I kept the recipe: Jim Beam Black Cherry infused bourbon shaken with Amaretto, cherry brandy and a dash of lemon juice.

And this was the only photo I managed to get on the trip.