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Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Neighbours from Hell

Not their cat, but they did have one that was a right bastard!

These individuals have been carrying out a campaign of harassment against me for the past 4 years. There was the time the wife attacked and slandered me in the street in 2008 and then, in 2009, when the husband even threatened to hit me. All because they have believed my mother's lies about me. Anyone with any intelligence at all would consider both sides before making judgments. Anyone with any class wouldn't behave in such a manner, ever. And you'd have hoped that things would have improved since mother died last year, but they haven't. 

Several witnesses could assure you that this harassment is all one-sided and that I've done no more than ignore them. They're heavy drinkers and the police are now aware of their behaviour. It was on the last occasion when I was obliged to call 999 because of their behaviour towards me that they were visited by the police, whom I know to have advised them that, 'if they felt they had any complaint, they should make it through the correct channels'. Hence, they contacted the council who wrote to me in Aug 2012. They should have specified "valid" complaint, obvs!

Among the frivolous complaints these harassers brought were accusing me of playing loud music, when it was, in fact, themselves. Yes, really! On one occasion they began complaining to another neighbour about “my” loud music and this neighbour was able to tell them that she had heard the complainant shouting above her own music, asking her husband what to play next. It's laughable.

On another occasion, on a Wednesday afternoon, I did play some music while cleaning the house and at 5:25 p.m. (hardly 'unsociable' hours) hear this idiot shout out, “Turn it down for Christ's sake.” To begin with, it should be obvious that, if I could hear him, over the music, inside my house, it can't have been that loud. In fact, I measured it and the reading was in the region of 60dB, which is described as “normal conversation at 3ft.” Utterly unreasonable.

Next they complained about dog barking. On several occasions, it has been reported to me by other neighbours that they were complaining about “my” dog barking, at times when I know that my dog was under my bed sleeping and these others confirmed it was barking was from other neighbourhood dogs.

They also listed screaming and shouting. What, at myself? Mere fantasy.

I'd already paid for additional soundproofing (above that stipulated by Building Control) to be installed on our only adjoining wall, because I knew they were likely to be assholes. I cannot hear any sounds whatsoever coming from their property, so I am confident they cannot hear sounds from mine either.

They're absolutely obviously making it all up.

Of course, I invited the council to carry out whatever monitoring they wanted, but funnily enough, they didn't accept the invitation. I'm sure they could tell.

The harassers also objected to my works on refurbishing my property, as if they had a right to that and I was not entitled to modernise the unmaintained sh*t hole my mother left. They'd even climbed up on ladders to look over the six-foot fence to take photos of my builder's equipment in my garden - on my property - because they imagined they had a right to complain to the council about that too! 

To add to this, my builder told me that the woman had accosted him in the street while he was on a break to tell him that I was evil and had killed my mother

Fortunately, he was intelligent enough to see through this and was both astounded on my behalf and amused in equal measure. But it could have been much worse, if say, the builder had listened and maybe walked off the job as a result.

This campaign was in addition to them trolling me online that obliged me to close, remove or move sites, social media and content to deter the bullying.

Others, including my mother, told me that the neighbour in question had a gun in his possession, which was related to his work on a country estate. This I've only had reported to me, however, I have been told that, on a tipoff, the police called to their house next door one evening. They found the said gun, lying loose and unsecured, on their dining-room table, surrounded by a quantity of ammunition, all of which were confiscated. Put this together with the above unreasonable behaviour and I do believe there was a real potential threat to my life.