Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DWP Working In Secret With Tribunals Service

DWP Working In Secret With Tribunals Service: Benefits and Work has been sent a copy of a DWP document which reveals that the DWP have been working in secret with Her Majesty Tribunals Service (HMCTS) to try to improve its appeals submissions and to set up a fast track service for some appeals. The document raises once again the question of just how impartial the top management of the Tribunals Service really is.


Big Bill said...

and isn't Justice the department that Grayling has now been put in charge of, no doubt to continue his work of exterminating the disabled by taking away all access to law whatsoever?

ronsrants said...

Months ago the DWP (probably IDS), announced its dissatisfaction with the number of successful appeals, and its intention to take steps to reduce them. As no-one in their right mind expected Atos to carry out assessments more accurately (more honestly?), today's news should surprise nobody.


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