Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Links of the day 06/13/2012

  • "In an important post on the excellent Inequalities blog, Ben Baumberg analyses data from the British Social Attitudes Survey on public perceptions of abuse of the benefit system."

    tags: cosmos uk benefits

  • ""Our results show that the levels of the naturally occurring protein 14-3-3 zeta are higher in the spinal cord of rats that have chronic pain. Moreover, we have been able to demonstrate how 14-3-3 zeta triggers changes in the signalling pathway that leads to the symptoms of chronic pain.""

    tags: pain cosmos

  • "The new technology, already in use throughout Spain and Greece, will allow people to pretend they still have credit at the bank as they scan the new machines with an imaginary barcode from their smartphone."

    tags: cosmos

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