Monday, 4 June 2012

Links of the day 06/04/2012

  • "There are more than 1 billion people in the world suffering from some form of disability and representing 15% of world population. The most frequent problems they have to face are discriminations in medical care and in the workplace, but also struggle daily against architectural barriers and lack of opportunity to enjoy an independent life."

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  • "Herpes viruses proliferate in the nervous system by taking over proteins the mitochondria need - Princeton"

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  • "These are the views that led the Nazis to murder 240,000 disabled people between 1939 and 1945, so forgive me if I complain about the government and hold political opinions of my own. I have good reason."

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  • "The space scientists must now collect the items from their nearest sorting office, something which is difficult to determine because of the high orbital velocity of their craft."

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  • "At school, we all get taught that the slave trade was abolished in 1833 after a long campaign by William Wilberforce. It was a historic moment of course, but actually rather limited in the grand scheme of things. It stopped the trading of slaves within the British Empire, but in no way did it end slavery. Slavery is still with us, in a variety of forms. Last week, the Anti-Slavery International campaign shone a light on slavery in a place you might not expect: on Britain’s high streets."

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  • "And who’ll suffer most from this? Why, those of us who are already chronically sick and disabled, because many of us, as a result of enforced inactivity, are fat – and being fat is now a crime against society. The fat bastard in No. 10 thinks so anyway."

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