Thursday, 10 May 2012

Links of the day 05/10/2012

  • "This mislabeling has several adverse consequences. First, it makes it all the more difficult to separate out the discrete illnesses that are suffered by people with “real” CFS. Second, once this group of people who have a non-CFS illness are labeled as also having CFS, they are added to the pool of those who might become subjects in CFS studies, and this can seriously muddy a study’s findings."

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  • "This list is from my claim form guide (which you should have read throughly by now!)
    In the subscribed members only section you can access indepth information on each specific illness/condition and how the DWP view diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and how serious the illness is considered to be

    This list is not to be thought as written in stone: For example Bronchiectasis is listed in group 4 "invite for medical". Yet if the form of the disease is serious enough a doctor can state that the patient is too ill to attend a medical. The DWP can then decide on a home visit or may place the patient in the support group."

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  • "Smokers and obese people are already being denied operations such as IVF, breast reconstructions and a new hip or knee in some parts of England. "

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  • "An editorial published April 25 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives calls for increased research to identify possible environmental causes of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in America's children and presents a list of ten target chemicals including which are considered highly likely to contribute to these conditions."

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  • "As I sit in my surgery and listen to stories of people being denied some of the basic needs of a civilised country, I yearn for a time when we can get rid of the monarchy, the class system and all the fake-deference that is demanded, but not earned."

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  • "The health system in the UK cannot cope with the rising number of under-65s with long-term medical conditions and needs "radical change", says a study in The Lancet."

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