Saturday, 21 April 2012

Links of the day 04/21/2012

  • "ow, when a claimant is refused ESA the record of the assessment (on form ESA85) is always included in a claimant's DLA appeal papers because the Department for Work & Pensions like to point to it and use it as further evidence to back up their case. When the assessment is favourable to the claimant they don't put it in, which is equivalent to the prosecution in a criminal case failing to divulge relevant information to the defence."

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  • "Do you know what that does to you? Do you know how much strength of character it takes to face 6 doctors, all stood around your bed and tell them you think they're wrong? To refuse a course of treatment you know is irrelevant? To do it for weeks, months, even years, until you find a saviour? A good doc after all the bad docs?

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  • "Classified as a rheumatic illness, current research shows it is actually neurological in origin. Fibromyalgia is the result of a damaged central nervous system and an excessive amplification of sensory pain signals."

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  • Except for the fact this isn’t the first time the Daily Mail has come out in support of a fascist party.

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