Saturday, 7 April 2012

Links of the day 04/07/2012

  • "The gradual influence being invoked by companies such as Atos and Unum in the British media world is increasing and it’s causing untold damage to various causes, our fight is being hindered by the main broadcasting corporation of the United Kingdom, we cannot expect reliable commentary by the BBC over the governments continuing attacks on the disabled and poor."

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  • Just when I thought the government policy of cutting benefits (aka "reform") had reached its zenith of bizarre, unrealistic cruelty, along comes another cunning plan so ill considered it defies belief. The latest wheeze being floated is the suggestion that nobody under the age of 25 should be entitled to housing benefit.

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  • "Unemployed, homeless and other poor people will have to be kept out of sight in large shops and supermarkets, while small outlets are exempt until 2015. The government is also planning to extend the ban to include public displays of disability."

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