Friday, 6 April 2012

Links of the day 04/06/2012

  • "I'm willing to bet Big Government feels its biggest when it's inside your anus."

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  • "A normal, healthy person’s body takes a mildly stressful situation and processes it in a normal way. But people with ME/CFS do not have the capability of handling even the smallest amounts of stress. Part of the problem with this disease is that even the smallest amounts of stress can send us to our beds for weeks at a time. If we have to deal with stressful situations for weeks, months at a time, our bodies will completely shut down and cannot recover quickly."

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  • "Sadly many I have talked to have expressed the frustration of this sentiment. So let me get right to the point. When a person has a disabling illness they have to damn near live in a bubble to manage you bet your ass we pick and choose what to do with our "well" moments. We just don't have that many of them! Did it ever occur to the offended persons that you like Sally a whole lot more, and had an astronomically better time at her party than you would have had at theirs? Are they aware you did as close to nothing as possible for a week before and after to even make it to your friend's house out of town? Have they ever stopped to think you are still a person with hopes and dreams and desires even though you got sick? The basic tenants of your personality are being squashed by awful pain, but have never gone away? And you have as much of a right to snippets of happiness in your life as they have in theirs? "

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